2024 will be a special year for Volunteering in Trentino, the city of Trento in fact will be for a year the European Capital of Volunteering. There will be initiatives, meetings, activities, exchanges of ideas between volunteers and voluntary organizations.

Associazione Trentini nel mondo participates with enthusiasm because volunteering has always been among its fundamental values.

We would like to take this opportunity to show all the Trentino people the strength, the beauty and the value of volunteering of the Trentino Clubs and the Trentino people living abroad. Through the actions of the Associazione we can feel part of a single large community that knows, helps and grows through mutual exchange.

We therefore invite you to participate in the Calls "Volunteering and active citizenship" during the year 2024. There are two special calls:

-  Call "Volunteering and active citizenship - Circoli Trentini" reserved for young people (18-35) working in the Circoli;

-  Call "Volunteering and active citizenship – New Emigration" reserved for groups of new emigrants from Trentino living abroad (available only in Italian language)

Call for "volunteering and active citizenship – Trentino Clubs”

Associazione Trentini nel mondo makes available to the Trentino Clubs a funding for the realization of voluntary initiatives and active citizenship with the aim of:

  • Encouraging participation of young people within Trentino Clubs;
  • Give visibility to the activities of the Trentino Clubs within the communities where they operate;
  • Promoting the culture of volunteering and active citizenship.


Content of activities

The following activities may be eligible for support:

  • Solidarity with disadvantaged people or groups;
  • raising awareness of social issues;
  • Fundraising for local organisations;
  • Initiatives to improve public spaces;
  • Initiatives for civic training, participation and education on issues of social importance.


Requirements for participation

The following requirements are required in order to participate:

  • The initiative must be proposed by a young person aged between 18 and 35 who is also responsible for its implementation;
  • A Trentino Club must join the proposal;
  • The initiative must be realized in the locality or territory where the Trentino Club is located;
  • The initiative must have visibility and public relevance.




Entitled expenses

The Association supports the costs of realization of the initiatives with a contribution up to € 1,000.00 depending on the request and the scores obtained by each proposal.


The funding may be used to:

  • Purchase of consumer goods necessary for the realization of the initiative (e.g. prizes for lottery, material for painting benches, food for dinner fundraising);
  • Printing of promotional material (e.g. awareness campaign leaflets);
  • travel and accommodation costs (e.g. accommodation per trainer).


Not entitled expenses and activities

Initiatives allocated exclusively for the Trentino community or the Trentino Club are not allowed.


Remuneration is not allowed for promoters or members of the Trentino Club.


Initiatives that simply provide for the donation of the contribution to persons or groups also through the purchase of goods are not allowed. It is therefore not allowed to use the contribution to buy food to be distributed, while the purchase of food is allowed to organize a charity dinner.


Criteria for evaluating proposals

  • Proposals will be evaluated with scores that consider:
  • Accuracy and correctness of the forms
  • Number of young people involved in the organisation
  • Degree of involvement of the Trentino Club
  • Degree of community involvement also through partnerships with other organisations
  • Number of people involved in the initiative
  • Visibility of the initiative in the local community
  • Originality and feasibility of the proposal


Method of reporting

At the end of each initiative must be sent to Associazione Trentini nel mondo:

  • Detailed summary of expenses
  • Photocopy of receipts
  • Photos of the initiative
  • Activity Report


Terms and forms

Proposals must be sent to Associazione Trentini nel mondo by filling in the attached forms by 30/06/2024.

The initiatives must be implemented by 30/10/2024.

The report must be sent by 31/12/2024.

Forms and any questions or communications should be sent to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


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